Best Indian Cricketers


Kapil Dev

A captian who showed his team the path to victory with his creative management skills.

Virat Kohli

A batsman which can bring down any with his batsman skills guide the team to a win.

M.S Dhoni

Captain cool who will make sure that they have the best time of their game with the right planning.

Rahul Dravid

A captain who gave us the right notion of the ways a captain should manage the team while being able to play good.

Saurav Ganguly

With the fire in him he could light any pitch into his very own ground for the right wins.

Team India

In India, cricket is celebrated as festival and it is up to the player to hold the game high for the nation.


Play the game to help give the boost to the team for the results to come out in the favour of the win.


The results are not something that one can debate on and with the growing love for the game it needs to provide results.


The whole series can be something that can allow the team to stay on their game even with a lose at the end.


You can bet on records that are about to be met to ensure that everything works well for your team.


Indian Cricket Team Captain

The captain is the one who can guide the team through victory and with the many victories in their bag it is safe to say that victory is not that far.

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    10 best winning moments in Indian Cricket

    Cricket in India is a serious affair. It not only produces the best sportsman but the mark they leave on the game is irreplaceable. Whether that be India’s spectacular performances during the World Cups or the off the pavilion moments, the men in blue have the capacity of surprising everyone. Ever since the inception of cricket in India, there have been moments that have attracted the rebuke of the public but also the days when the team upheld the highest principles of sportsmanship(Must Know).

    1. Anil Kumble’s perfect 10:

    India’s spinner Anil Kumble’s is known for his bowling across the world. The 49-year-old leg spinner has 337 ODI wickets and 619 Test wickets in his account but the most memorable moment in his life was when he managed to take a ten-wicket haul against Pakistan in Feroz Shah, Kotla. He was the second Indian to do so.

    Anil Kumble's perfect 10:

    1. 1983 World Cup:

    India’s reputation in the field of cricket is well established, but such was not the case in the 1980s when certain teams were not performing well. In the World Cup of 1983, India’s performance left a huge mark in the field. The team lost only two matches in the world cup and managed to lift its first World Cup title by defeating West Indies at Lord’s.

    1. 1985 – Kerry Packer:

    After India won its first World Cup, it was seen as an act of fortune but the team went on showing its gaming prowess in the Kerry Packer World series. India’s victory over its rival Pakistan in the finals established a strong reputation of the Indian Cricket team in the world cricket.

    1. 1998 – Desert storm, Sharjah:

    In the match, India’s right-hand batsman Sachin Tendulkar scored 143 runs against Australia. The series attracted a huge audience as it pitted the world’s best batsman Sachin against the world’s best spinner Shane Warne. The spectacular score helped India qualify for Coca Cola Cup Final. As always, Sachin triumphed in the series and also scored 134 against the same team in the finals.

    1. Natwest Trophy Final:

    India’s former captain Sourav Ganguly is remembered for one more thing other than his impressive batting. It’s the moment of Natwest Trophy final when he removed his shirt to celebrate the victory of his team. England had scored 326 whereas India struggled at 146/5 when two new players showed exemplary sports skills and led India to its victory in the finals. These two players were Yuvraj Singh and Muhammad Kaif.

    1. 1996 – Quarterfinals of the World Cup

    Quarterfinals of the World Cup

    When it comes to Cricket between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, nothing can be more interesting. The cup is remembered for the impressive win of India against Pakistan. India’s all-rounder Ajay Jadeja led the team to its victory against Pakistan’s Waqar Younis.

    1. World Cup 2003:

    Fate brought India and Pakistan back on the matches of the World Cup. Though India lost to Australia in the finals but managed to score a win against Pakistan. This was the first time India was chasing a score of 274 in the World Cup.

    1. 2007 T20 World Cup:

    This became the defining moment in the world of T20 world Cup. This was the first World Cup of T20 and Mahindra Singh Dhoni was selected as the Captain of the Indian Cricket team. Not only did India scored massive wins through the qualifying matches but beat its arch-rival Pakistan in the finals and finally taking the trophy home.

    1. Yuvraj Singh:

    Yuvraj Singh

    Yuvraj Singh is remembered for his sensible batting and reliable bowling. The player has led India to victory a couple of times. In the inaugural T20 World Cup of 2007, he became the second batsman in the international cricket to hit six sixes in an over.

    1. 2011 – World Cup, Mumbai

    This was the final match of Sachin Tendulkar. After 1983, India again lifted the World Cup in its home turf against Sri Lanka. Mahendra Singh Dhoni captained the team to victory.


    Several events have left its mark on international cricket. From aggressive bowlers to defensive batsmen, cricket is a game of moments. Be it the dancing of Sree Santh or the monstrous hits of Dhoni, Indian Cricket no doubt has a bag full of surprises which will never end.


    Batsmen to watch out for in the T20 World cup

    This year T20 Cricket World Cup will be held in Australia. The event is set to take place in October and end by 15 November. The event is generally held after two years, but the ICC concluded after the 2016 World cup that the next championship will be held in the year of 2020. Its inaugural match was played in South Africa which was won by India in 2007. For now, West Indies holds multiple titles of the T20 world cup.

    Virat Kohli:

    In the world of Cricket, Virat Kohli needs no introduction. From his stylish batting to his public appeal, India’s top batsman steals it all. He is currently the top batsmen in ODI and test but no 10 in T20 Cricket. Though the player lags in T20 Cricket but is a talent worth appreciation. He is currently the captain of the Indian Cricket team and victory in Australia would be another legacy of his cricketing career. Though the team will have to compete against strong contestants and also its arch-rival Pakistan, the batting order of India will surely be able to chase.

    Glen Maxwell:

    Glen Maxwell

    Maxwell plays for Australia. His offensive batting and all-rounder skills have made the player an important part of the team. The T20 World Cup will be a defining moment in his career. Glen is known for breaking grounds and as Australia being his home turf, the player has a decent record of scoring against the opponents surprisingly. His skills in fielding and as an off-spin bowler give him an upper hand in the match.

    Kane Williamson:

    Kane Williamson is the current captain of the New Zealand Cricket team. He has scored 13 ODI centuries and 21 Test centuries. Kane is certainly a batsman to look for. He is known for chasing aggressive score and perform better even in the pressure. Kiwis have had quite a brush with the victory in the 50 Over World Cup in 2019 but with a strong batting line-up and bowling sequence this time, the team is among the top competitors of the World Cup.

    Babar Azam:

    Babar plays for the Pakistan national team. He is currently the captain of the team in T20 and Vice-captain in the ODI. The player has made a spectacular start in the international cricket holding many records to his name. He is the quickest player(Must Watch) to score 1000 runs in T20 international games and scored more runs in his first 25 ODI than any other player. Under the captainship of Babur, the Pakistan team would be much better especially the fact that the batting line of the team has had its addition in recent years.

    David Miller:

    David Miller

    David Miller is a well-known name in the Indian premier league. He has scored 101 out of 38 balls in IPL making one of the great innings in the IPL history. The South-African Left-handed middle handed batsman is very well known for his aggressive scoring. Undoubtedly David will be a batsman to look for in the T20 World Cup.


    Anticipations are running high for this year’s World Cup. The Cup is scheduled to be held in the fall of this year with Melbourne Cricket Ground hosting the final match. However, there will be qualification matches for the participating teams except for the top-ranking teams and the host which qualified directly. Papua New Guinea has for the first time qualified for the World Cup in any category. The trophy no doubt will attract a wide audience from the competing nations and it can be expected that the existing teams will put up a strong competition and a display of utmost sportsmanship.


    Everything you need to know about the 2020 T20 World Cup

    One of the most discussed events of 2020 is the Twenty-20 Cricket world cup that’s going to be held in October. The world Cup is held every two years but after ICC brought a slight change in it after 2016, the venue and the year were decided. This year’s trophy will be held in Australia and participating teams will have to qualify to compete in the tournament. However, there are various regulations for qualifications that are only confined to few and the rest are supposed to go through the general process.


    The first inaugural match of the T20 World cup was played in 2007. Ever since its start, there have been six tournaments so far. The first championship was held in South Africa where India beat its Arch-rival Pakistan in the finals becoming the lifter of the first trophy. However, the second tournament was won by Pakistan in England in 2009. The tournament was competed by 12 teams.


    Initially, when the T20 matches were started in 2003, nobody thought that it would reach a massive scale and after the first T20 World Cup was held, there was nothing that could stop the growth of a new phenomenon in the cricketing world. In the first two cups, the number of participating teams remained confined to 12 only but in 2012, changes were brought to accommodate more teams in the trophy. The 2012 Tournament was to be played by 16 teams but it was reverted to 12 teams only.


    The years the T20 World cup became the first to allow 16 teams to participate. It was held in Bangladesh. During the same new year, Hong Kong, UAE, and Nepal made their debut. The tournament was won by Sri Lanka.

    2020 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup:

    2020 World Cup is the seventh cup in the row. The matches will start on 18 October and end by 15 November 2020. As usual, the top nine teams will be directly selected along with the host nation whereas others will have to go through the qualifying matches to make their space.

    2020 ICC Men's T20

    Host nation and the number of teams:

    Australia will be holding the tournament where 16 teams will participate in 47 matches. Though Sri Lanka and Bangladesh did not qualify for the super 12 out of ten, other top-eight ranking teams have qualified for the lot. Both of the teams will go through the group stage competition.

    The debut:

    Every year, the world cup sees new participants trying to make their mark and qualifying in the tournament. This year it’s Papua New Guinea that has qualified for the tournament. The team was selected after they won Group A od the qualification tournament. Papua New Guinea has for the first time qualified for the World Cup in any format.


    The ICC has laid out the venues for the 47 matches played in the tournament. though the final will be played in the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the matches will be spread across seven stadiums in various locations.


    With the World Cup approaching nearer, the emotions of the fans are running high. It’s after four years that the World Cup will be held. After 2016, there were so many bilateral cups being held between various countries that ICC decided to hold the World Cup in 2020 in Australia. The four years wait has produced desperation among the fans who eagerly waiting to witness one of the most spectacular sporting events. Though there is still time for the tournament to be held that hasn’t stopped the people from getting ready for the World Cup. After all, not every day the tournament is held.




    Indian Cricketers to look up to

    Cricket in India takes a completely different shape. Initially, when Cricket was introduced to the world, no one would have thought that India will be one of the top teams of the sport. However, the team’s progress has not been an easy one. In the 1980s people were thinking that teams like India and New Zealand that were not performing well should be barred from international cricket, however, when India’s national teams lifted the World Cup of 1983, it made their mark in the history. Ever since the triumph of its team in that year, there was no looking back.

    Virat Kohli:

    Right-handed batsman Virat Kohli is the current captain of the Indian National Cricket team. He is considered one of the top batsman in the world. Known for his aggressive batting style and defensive technique, the 31-year-old cricketer made his debut in 2008 against Sri Lanka. He won man of the match award in two ICC World Twenty20 in 2014 and 2016. Apart from that, Virat reached the no 1 spot of ICC rankings for ODI batsman in 2013. He holds the record of reaching the fastest 10,000 runs under the age of 30. Including India’s highest Civilian Awards, Kohli has 13 international Cricket awards.

    Mahendra Dhoni:

    Mahendra Sigh Dhoni is the former captain of the Indian Cricket team. He captained the team from 2007 to 2014. During this time, the team achieved tremendous feat winning all ICC trophies making him the only captain to have done so. These included 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the 2010 and 2016 Asia Cups, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. 38-Year-old Dhoni is regarded as one of the best wicket keepers and captain in the entire world. Apart from various awards, Dhoni’s autobiography was made into a movie in 2016

    Rohit Sharma:

    Rohit Sharma is the vice-captain of the Indian Cricket team for limited-overs format. He has scored three double centuries in ODI cricket. Rohit is the only player to have done so. 32-year-old batsman also captains Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. Apart from other records, he also has the highest number of sixes in a Test Match. He is the recipient of the Arjuna Award (2015), ICC ODI Player of the Year (2019) and is currently the Cricketer of the year in 2020.

    Rishab Pant:

    22-Year-old Rishab Pant represents India in international cricket and also Delhi in regional cricket. Pant is a well-known name in the Indian Cricket league IPL. He scored 128 not out from 63 balls for Delhi Daredevils. His debut in Twenty20 International came in January 2017 whereas he first played ODI in October 2018. He was named the ICC Emerging Player of the year in 2018.

    Hardik Pandya:

    Hardik Pandya

    Hardik Pandya is a well-known name in international cricket. 26-Year-Old Hardik plays for Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League also. His debut in international cricket came in 2016. He picked up 2 Wickets against Australia in the T20 match. On 26 Oct 2016, he made his debut in the ODI playing against New Zealand. He was awarded the man of the match.


    India has no dearth of talent when cricket is mentioned. From the times of the introduction of the sport in the sub-continent to modern times, the talent has just multiplied. With the 2020 T20 World Cup approaching faster, it can be highly anticipated that India will surely put on strong competition for the rest of the teams. Often considered a strong contender in a tournament, the batting line of India has become much stronger over the years and that shall surely benefit it in the world Cup.

    Inspirational stories of the Indian cricket team

    Indian Cricket team has given its fair share of players to the world of Cricket. From its all-rounder, Kapil Dev who led the team to its first world cup to Master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar who became synonymous with cricket, records of the men in blue is piling up. The players of the team come from diverse backgrounds and not everyone had the privilege of being born in a well off family. It’s through rigorous hard work and utmost dedication were they able to reach the pinnacles of their glory. Such players have not only made a life for themselves but also put their places of origin on the world map.

    Umesh Yadav:

    Umesh is a name that merits deep respect. The player belongs to the family of coal miners. Yadav grew up in Uttar Pradesh. Though the income of the family was constrained to a few thousand rupees, that didn’t deter Yadav from achieving higher summits. Initially, Yadav had no plans of joining cricket and confined his sports activities to the tennis ball tournaments only but as the time went, he became more familiar with the sport until one day a friend asked him to try-out the regular Cricket ball matches. He made his first debut for the Indian national team at the age of 22. Apart from that, he is a well-known player in the Indian Premier League.

    Umesh Yadav:

    Ravindra Jadeja:

    Before Ravindra could become anything, he was the son of a security guard. The family income did not suffice for the sports activities of Jadeja, but his mother continued to support him. After his mother passed away in 2005, the player went through a troubled time. This time the responsibility fell on the shoulders of his sister and father who provided him monetary as well as emotional support. This inspired Ravendra to go on with his cricket and when he was selected as the Vice-Captain of the U-19 team for the 2008 World Cup, the team secured its victory. Within no time his popularity among the sports world grew and after he managed to win his spot in the Indian national team, Jadeja became an inspiration for millions across India.

    Irfan Pathan:
    Apart from his charming personality, Pathan is known for his swing bowling. His bowling skills have many times helped the team climb up to victory. Pathan’s family had to live in a mosque as the family wasn’t able to afford its residence. The family struggled to make the ends meet and Irfan had to buy second-hand shoes from a shop to play his cricket. His father earned a meager salary that hardly covered the expenses of the house let alone live comfortably but the conditions changed when Irfan Pathan became part of the Indian team in the World T20, 2007 and the Champions Trophy 2013.

    Irfan Pathan:

    Hardik Pandya:

    He has become a name well known these days. Hardik was brought up in Gujrat but had to move from Surat to Vadodra, due to the family’s economic condition. Hardik’s story is an inspirational one where he not only overcame his adversaries but also proved that if you want something, you can surely achieve it. After his father’s health deteriorated, Hardik and his brother had to participate in the local tournaments to secure the needs of the family, sometimes surviving the day on a single helping of noddles.

    Kedar Jadav:

    The middle-order batsman of the Indian Cricket team has made a name for himself in recent years. Hailing from Maharashtra and son of a clerk in Maharashtra State Electricity Board, Jadav dropped out of school in the ninth grade. Making his way through the first-class cricket and Indian Premier League, Kedar finally wore the Indian Jersey. He has scored 565 runs in 25 ODIs, the highest score of 120  and has also picked up 11 wickets.


    India is a land of cricket and sport not only takes the Indian market by storm but also triggers overwhelming emotions among its public. With such a huge home audience, the Indian Cricket team is full of inspirational stories where people have made it from rags to riches but certainly, some players have achieved irreplaceable feats.


    Team India’s strongest batting line-up

    Team India is preparing for the 2020 T20 World Cup in Australia. Like India, other participating will also be contesting. The event holds great significance as it is after four years that the World Cup will be held. The team has had various changes in its batting line up due to the retirement of previous players like Sachin Tendulkar or Sehwag. New players have just added spice to the game. Though there are things to be fixed regarding fielding as far as the batting line up is concerned, it will continue to dominate the game.

    Dhawan and Rohit:

    The pair has been playing together for about five years now. There seems to be no change in this position for now though. The duo is considered among one of the successful opening pairs of Indian cricket. Initially, the players showed little progress during the beginning of their careers but instantly it hiked, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan remained stagnant in the game. They are a perfect pair as Rohit is known for his sensible batting and Dhawan an aggressive scorer.

    Dhawan and Rohit

    Virat Kohli:

    Virat Kohli is one of the best batsmen in the world. India’s captain has established himself as a responsible player to play at no 3. His added responsibilities of captainship will make him the great wall of India in the coming World Cup. He has 10843 runs in 227 ODI’s and with 41 ODI centuries in his basket, Virat will surely try to replicate his best performances and remain a strong player to play against.

    Dinesh Kartik or Vijay Shakar:

    As for the no. 4 is concerned, the choice will remain between Dinesh and Vijay. Both of the players are considered one of the best emerging players to play at Mid-order. Kartik’s s IPL career and the current form will help the player to replace the latter. However, Vijay Shankar has made spectacular inroads in the teams. When needed he can be used as a fast bowler, his name also stirs up the strong competition.

    MS Dhoni:
    Who doesn’t know the position of MS Dhoni? He is perfect for the no. 5. As an experienced player, the responsibility of taking the team through the mid-overs and maintaining a better run rate will fall on Dhoni’s shoulders. Spot no. 5 makes perfect sense for Dhoni as the former captain is known for scoring under pressure and taking the team to final overs.

    MS Dhoni

    Kedar Jadav:

    Jadav seems to be apt for the number 7. The player not only can bat in the Mid-order but also throw some crafty spin when needed. Jadav is known for his aggressive batting and can chase scores and finish them. His recent performance has been spectacular and the fact that the player can keep a cool head when playing under pressure is what will come in handy. This will be a tough spot for Kedar as speculations are if Dinesh didn’t make it to the third spot, he will be a strong competitor for no 6.

    Hardik Pandya:

    Pandya has been impressive with the bat lately. His ability to make fast runs and fast bowling makes him perfect for the place. Though the player needs to improvise his bowling, it seems that the 2020 World Cup will see an upgrade of Hardik.

    Kuldeep Yadav & Bhuvenesh Kumar

    Kuldeep as a spinner will be the most preferred choice for a spot no. 8. The player not only can throw a miraculous spin but can hit few shots when needed. Bhuvenesh Kumar’s overall average is very impressive and he is considered one of the emerging players of India. The player is known for taking wickets at crucial times and keeping a cool head under pressure. His spot at no 9 is perfect.

    Yuzvendra Chahal & Jasprit Bumrah:

    The right-arm leg breaker will be the best choice to enter at the number 10 spot. Not only the team can trust Chahal to defend the score but also score quick runs when required. Jasprit Bumrah is India’s top bowler and represents a real threat to the team’s opponents.

    Jasprit Bumrah:


    India’s batting line up is one of the strongest in the world. With players like Dhawan and Rohit who can establish a strong partnership, Team India’s mid-order batsmen can be trusted to lead the team to the final score.

    The best Indian Cricket captains of all time

    Cricket is not just a sport in India but it takes a whole new level in the country. With a population of more than 1 billion people, Cricket travels through every community uniting all sections of the society. The Indian team has had its moments that remain etched on the heart of the cricket fans. Whether it be its first World Cup victory or the T20 matches, Indian captains have led the team to its deserved spot.

    Kapil Dev:

    Kapil Dev is mostly remembered for the feat he achieved in 1983. He led India to win its first World Cup against West Indies. All-rounder Kapil Dev in 1978 against Pakistan and on 11 March 2010 Kapil was inducted in ICC Hall of Fame. Though Kapil was replaced by Sunil Gavaskar in 1984, his achievement as one of the best all-rounder of the Indian Cricket team and the captain who secured India’s first World Cup will go down in the history books forever.

    Kapil Dev

    Saurav Ganguly:

    Ganguly is considered one of the most successful captains in the entire history of Indian cricket. He is also the most successful Indian captain on foreign turf having 11 wins. Apart from being the fastest batsman to score 9000 ODI runs, Saurav Ganguly created a new image of India. India remained a strong team on home turf but after Ganguly took its leadership, it showed its prowess on the foreign grounds also adding to the overall goodwill of the team. Though he has a series of world records to his name but the most fascinating of them being the highest overall partnership score in the World Cup tournament history. His partnership with Rahul Dravid ended up scoring 318 runs in the 1999 Cricket World Cup.

    Muhammad Azharuddin:

    Mohammad Azharuddin

    Muhammad is not just known for his talented batting but also for the leadership he provided. He remained an asset of the team on the field too. He is considered one of the most successful captains of the team with 103 wins in his bag. Though the player hiked to popularity within no time, his downfall came in later years, but for the cricketing audience, he continues to be mentioned with honor.

    Sunil Gavaskar:

    Gavaskar wanted to be a wrestler but fate had something else in the plan. In his school days, Gavaskar became involved with the sport and won India’s Best Schoolboy Cricketer of the year in 1966. In his first test debut, he scored 65 and 67 not out against West Indies. He has the record of 774 runs, that included 4 centuries and 3 half-centuries in a debut series. Apart from a mind-blowing batsman, he was also the first Indian Wicketkeeper to take over a hundred matches in Test cricket.

    MS Dhoni:

    MS Dhoni is the luckiest and the most skilled captain India will ever get. During his leadership, India not only climbed new heights but brought tremendous repute to the home country. He led the team to the victory of its first 2007 T20 World Cup held in South Africa. Apart from winning Border-Gavaskar Trophy, he went to become the top batsman in the ICC rankings. Recording wins after wins, India secured the 2011 World Cup and broke the silence that has settled after 1983.


    India has produced the best of Captains. From Mahindra Singh Dhoni to Kapil Dev, the leadership of these pioneers has led the national team to achieve irreplaceable feats. Not only that, but the marks they have left on the sport are also worthy of appreciation. No doubt the sports world is changing day by day and with better facilities, training and preparation in the game are also transforming.


    The best Indian Cricket Umpire

    Cricket in India has transformed a lot. Initially being one of the weakest teams to perform, the Indian Cricket team has now changed the tides in its favor. In this journey, the nation has produced its share of athletes in the game. Along with that, it’s done its bit to share with the world the best of its umpires. Umpires like David Shepherd may seem to have dominated the pitch for too long, however, this changed as the new umpires made their ways into the game.

    Shaver Tarapore

    Tarapore was born in Calcutta. His father Mr. Keki Tarapore coached Rahul Dravid during his childhood. Before being an umpire, Shavir played a couple of matches for first-class cricket and then permanently started to be the umpire. His first debut came in 1999 when India faced New Zealand. This was the milestone in his career and after that, he just took off. In 2002, he umpired two more ODI, and also in 2009. Among the 25 ODI’s that he officiated, he also remained umpire for four group stage games(Watch This) in the 2011 World Cup. He also has a career in umpiring 31 IPL matches from 2009-2012.

    Shaver Tarapore

    V.K. Ramaswamy:

    Ramaswamy needs no introduction to Umpiring. Hailing from southern India, Ramaswamy has umpired various matches of international format. He made his first debut in 1983 ODI when India faced West-Indies. In his entire career, he umpired 43 ODI’s. He has been hailed by many players and former umpires as a class umpire in international cricket.

    Sundaram Ravi:

    In the line of Indian Umpires, Ravi can never be forgotten. 53-year-old Ravi has umpired test matches, ODI’s and Twenty20 formats. He is one of the umpires of the world to be included in the ICC Elite Panel of Umpires. He has in his career, officiated qualifying matches, and other important international cricket tournaments held by ICC. He has also umpired 66 IPL matches

    Sundaram Ravi

    Srinivas Venkataraghavan:

    Srinivas was the first Indian to have been included in the ICC Elite Panel of Umpires in 2002. He gave his retirement in 2004. From the time he started his career in 1993 after retiring from his 18-year-old cricketing career as a spinner, he officiated 73 Tests and 52 ODIs. He also has umpired in three world cups. Srinivas is considered India’s greatest ever umpire. Not only the field but also as an umpire, the former spinner made records all his life.

    Raman Sharma:

    The career of Raman Sharma is very short but he does make it into the mention of various sports enthusiasts. Umpiring at that time was restricted and limited and it is to contributions of the Umpires like Raman, we can see an era much convenient than the previous times. He umpired one Test match in 1994 and eleven ODI games in a career spanning from 1994-1997.


    Indian Cricket has given its share of contribution to the world of cricket. There is much to be achieved in the next years, and as far as the condition of the sport in the country is concerned, you can trust the stars that the reputation of the country in the Cricket is expected to rise. Be it Umpiring or playing, the game is revolutionizing at an unprecedented pace and there is no scope for setbacks. However, there is a biased approach in the game towards various aspects of the game but as the regulating bodies are improvising the management of the team and the sports in the country, we can say that whatever problems there are, they are destined to fade away. If not instantly but soon.

    The greatest moments in Indian cricket

    Cricket is a spectacular game and as the fans say anything can happen in cricket. When India lifted its first world cup, nobody had anticipated that and many people passed it off as a matter of luck but soon India registered another win proving that its victories came from rigorous hard work. The best Cricket produces such moments. It sees underdogs dethroning kings and the fight for a throne that ends up in an unexpected place. These moments and quest to make one’s name is what makes cricket so beautiful.

    1952, Madras Test:

    It was the time India was in the infancy of Cricket and considered to be one of the weakest and poorly funded teams of the world. Indian Team triumphed over England by an innings and 8 runs. This recorded India’s first win and further boosted its image in the international media and among the sporting world. 19 years later, India also registered its first-ever series win against England.

    1952, Madras Test

    1983 – World Cup:
    One of the achievements Kapil Dev is most remembered for is the 1983 triumph. There were speculations in the air about India being a weak team but it soon was to be changed. Nobody thought Kapil Dev will be able to lead the team to World Cup but at least the Indian fans were hoping for the team to perform better, but instead, the national cricket team of India lifted its first World Cup and startled the whole world.

    1998 – Desert storm:
    The series is most remembered for the performance of Sachin Tendulkar. It pitted the world’s best batsman Sachin Tendulkar against the world’s finest Spinner Shane Warne against each other. However, Sachin managed to subdue the bowling of Warne scoring 143. This helped India to qualify for the Coca Cola Cup final. India beat Australia in the finals also.

    NatWest trophy:

    This trophy is remembered for partnership between Yuvraj Singh and Muhammad Kaif and the shirtless Indian captain Saurav Ganguly. In the Tri-series, England has given India a score of 326 to chase, but the team struggled and seemed to stumble at 146/5. The partnership of Yuvraj and Kaif led India to victory. The match ended up by India’s captain Saurav Ganguly removing his shirt and waving it in the air.

    NatWest trophy:

     India vs Pakistan World Cup encounter, 2003

    Matches between India and Pakistan are much interesting especially the amount of rivalry that surrounds it. This was the time when everybody thought that the men in blue will repeat 1983, but they lost to Australians. India for the first time chased a score of 274 in the World Cup against Pakistan and secured their win. Sachin Tendulkar scored a massive score of 98 in the game.

    2007 World T20, Johannesburg:

    Just like 1983, India was highly overlooked in the first T20 World Cup but under the leadership of Mahindra Singh Dhoni, it all was about to change. Indian Cricket team beat arch-rivals in the finals, hence taking the first T20 World Cup home.


    Cricket is a game of moments. The scores are made, records are broken and moments appear out of the blue. It’s natural in the game. Whether it’s the aggressive bowlers or the defensive batsmen, the game is full of surprises. The Indian team has its bag of surprise, the moments that can be never replaced and with the T20 World cup approaching faster, the hearts are beating faster and expectations are high on the team to replicate what they did in 2007. Among other contenders, India will be one of the strongest teams in the tournament.

    Things to know about the Indian cricket team

    Indian national cricket team is one of the reputable names in world cricket. From creating records to lifting trophies, the team is considered one of the best on the planet. It has records that keep piling up and with addition to new players, the team continues to allow new talents to nurture under the finest of coaches. Over its period of gaming, the team has not only elevated its space in the world but winning trophies has brought more repute to India. Though there is much to be achieved in the coming years, the team is currently one of the richest in the world.

    World Cup:
    India has lifted the title of World champion a couple of times. To put it correctly, India is the only team that has World Cups in three formats – 60 Overs, 50 Overs, and 20 Overs. The team’s spectacular win in 1983 World Cup boosted its image in the sports world whereas its Victory in the inaugural T20 World Cup of 2007 reassured that the team continued to dominate the field with a strong image. Fans will expect that the team will replicate their performance during the 2007 and 2011 World Cup and bring the Trophy home.

    T20 World Cup


    To be knighted is considered to be an honor. Maharajkumar of Vizianagram is the only Indian Test Cricketer to have been honored by this privilege, but he renounced the title after the independence of India in 1947.

    Sachin Tendulkar:

    When it comes to cricket, Sachin is a player that nobody can overlook. Apart from the runs he has scored, he has quite a unique moment in his bag. He is the only Indian player to have played for Pakistan in 1987 during an exhibition match where he came out as a substitute fielder for Pakistan.

    Sachin Tendulkar

    Indian Cricket Team & its captain:

    The Indian Cricket team is also known as men in blue and is governed by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India). Though the game was introduced in India in the 18th century, the first official game was played in 1932. India secured its first win in 1952 against England. Virat Kohli is the current captain of the Indian Cricket team. The team is ranked first in the Test Cricket, 2nd in ODI’s and 4th in T20 as per the rankings of ICC.

    Trophies and Runs:

    The men in blue have achieved quite a lot in recent years. It has two ODI World cups, one T20 World cup, 2 ICC champions trophy, 7 Asia cups along with other trophies it has won over some time.  When a total number of runs are mentioned, how can we ignore Sachin Tendulkar? Sachin is the only batsman to score the highest number of runs in international cricket. He has scored a whopping 18,426 runs followed by Indian team captain Virat Kohli at 11,792. Indian National team is considered one of the best teams in the world. Its reason can be attributed to the fact that the Government of India has led so much emphasis on the development of the sport that it has added to the quality of its national team. On top of that, BCCI is one of the richest cricket boards in the world.


    Indian Cricket team has come a long way from 1932 to 2020. When it won its first World cup, it was unexpected but soon the team was marked one of the contenders and a strong pack. Though there is much to be achieved in the coming years, the 2020 T20 World cup will certainly see a show of a lifetime where the top teams of the world will compete for the trophy.


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