The greatest moments in Indian cricket

The greatest moments in Indian cricket

Cricket is a spectacular game and as the fans say anything can happen in cricket. When India lifted its first world cup, nobody had anticipated that and many people passed it off as a matter of luck but soon India registered another win proving that its victories came from rigorous hard work. The best Cricket produces such moments. It sees underdogs dethroning kings and the fight for a throne that ends up in an unexpected place. These moments and quest to make one’s name is what makes cricket so beautiful.

1952, Madras Test:

It was the time India was in the infancy of Cricket and considered to be one of the weakest and poorly funded teams of the world. Indian Team triumphed over England by an innings and 8 runs. This recorded India’s first win and further boosted its image in the international media and among the sporting world. 19 years later, India also registered its first-ever series win against England.

1952, Madras Test

1983 – World Cup:
One of the achievements Kapil Dev is most remembered for is the 1983 triumph. There were speculations in the air about India being a weak team but it soon was to be changed. Nobody thought Kapil Dev will be able to lead the team to World Cup but at least the Indian fans were hoping for the team to perform better, but instead, the national cricket team of India lifted its first World Cup and startled the whole world.

1998 – Desert storm:
The series is most remembered for the performance of Sachin Tendulkar. It pitted the world’s best batsman Sachin Tendulkar against the world’s finest Spinner Shane Warne against each other. However, Sachin managed to subdue the bowling of Warne scoring 143. This helped India to qualify for the Coca Cola Cup final. India beat Australia in the finals also.

NatWest trophy:

This trophy is remembered for partnership between Yuvraj Singh and Muhammad Kaif and the shirtless Indian captain Saurav Ganguly. In the Tri-series, England has given India a score of 326 to chase, but the team struggled and seemed to stumble at 146/5. The partnership of Yuvraj and Kaif led India to victory. The match ended up by India’s captain Saurav Ganguly removing his shirt and waving it in the air.

NatWest trophy:

 India vs Pakistan World Cup encounter, 2003

Matches between India and Pakistan are much interesting especially the amount of rivalry that surrounds it. This was the time when everybody thought that the men in blue will repeat 1983, but they lost to Australians. India for the first time chased a score of 274 in the World Cup against Pakistan and secured their win. Sachin Tendulkar scored a massive score of 98 in the game.

2007 World T20, Johannesburg:

Just like 1983, India was highly overlooked in the first T20 World Cup but under the leadership of Mahindra Singh Dhoni, it all was about to change. Indian Cricket team beat arch-rivals in the finals, hence taking the first T20 World Cup home.


Cricket is a game of moments. The scores are made, records are broken and moments appear out of the blue. It’s natural in the game. Whether it’s the aggressive bowlers or the defensive batsmen, the game is full of surprises. The Indian team has its bag of surprise, the moments that can be never replaced and with the T20 World cup approaching faster, the hearts are beating faster and expectations are high on the team to replicate what they did in 2007. Among other contenders, India will be one of the strongest teams in the tournament.

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