Batsmen to watch out for in the T20 World cup

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Batsmen to watch out for in the T20 World cup

This year T20 Cricket World Cup will be held in Australia. The event is set to take place in October and end by 15 November. The event is generally held after two years, but the ICC concluded after the 2016 World cup that the next championship will be held in the year of 2020. Its inaugural match was played in South Africa which was won by India in 2007. For now, West Indies holds multiple titles of the T20 world cup.

Virat Kohli:

In the world of Cricket, Virat Kohli needs no introduction. From his stylish batting to his public appeal, India’s top batsman steals it all. He is currently the top batsmen in ODI and test but no 10 in T20 Cricket. Though the player lags in T20 Cricket but is a talent worth appreciation. He is currently the captain of the Indian Cricket team and victory in Australia would be another legacy of his cricketing career. Though the team will have to compete against strong contestants and also its arch-rival Pakistan, the batting order of India will surely be able to chase.

Glen Maxwell:

Glen Maxwell

Maxwell plays for Australia. His offensive batting and all-rounder skills have made the player an important part of the team. The T20 World Cup will be a defining moment in his career. Glen is known for breaking grounds and as Australia being his home turf, the player has a decent record of scoring against the opponents surprisingly. His skills in fielding and as an off-spin bowler give him an upper hand in the match.

Kane Williamson:

Kane Williamson is the current captain of the New Zealand Cricket team. He has scored 13 ODI centuries and 21 Test centuries. Kane is certainly a batsman to look for. He is known for chasing aggressive score and perform better even in the pressure. Kiwis have had quite a brush with the victory in the 50 Over World Cup in 2019 but with a strong batting line-up and bowling sequence this time, the team is among the top competitors of the World Cup.

Babar Azam:

Babar plays for the Pakistan national team. He is currently the captain of the team in T20 and Vice-captain in the ODI. The player has made a spectacular start in the international cricket holding many records to his name. He is the quickest player(Must Watch) to score 1000 runs in T20 international games and scored more runs in his first 25 ODI than any other player. Under the captainship of Babur, the Pakistan team would be much better especially the fact that the batting line of the team has had its addition in recent years.

David Miller:

David Miller

David Miller is a well-known name in the Indian premier league. He has scored 101 out of 38 balls in IPL making one of the great innings in the IPL history. The South-African Left-handed middle handed batsman is very well known for his aggressive scoring. Undoubtedly David will be a batsman to look for in the T20 World Cup.


Anticipations are running high for this year’s World Cup. The Cup is scheduled to be held in the fall of this year with Melbourne Cricket Ground hosting the final match. However, there will be qualification matches for the participating teams except for the top-ranking teams and the host which qualified directly. Papua New Guinea has for the first time qualified for the World Cup in any category. The trophy no doubt will attract a wide audience from the competing nations and it can be expected that the existing teams will put up a strong competition and a display of utmost sportsmanship.


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