Inspirational stories of the Indian cricket team

Inspirational stories of the Indian cricket team

Indian Cricket team has given its fair share of players to the world of Cricket. From its all-rounder, Kapil Dev who led the team to its first world cup to Master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar who became synonymous with cricket, records of the men in blue is piling up. The players of the team come from diverse backgrounds and not everyone had the privilege of being born in a well off family. It’s through rigorous hard work and utmost dedication were they able to reach the pinnacles of their glory. Such players have not only made a life for themselves but also put their places of origin on the world map.

Umesh Yadav:

Umesh is a name that merits deep respect. The player belongs to the family of coal miners. Yadav grew up in Uttar Pradesh. Though the income of the family was constrained to a few thousand rupees, that didn’t deter Yadav from achieving higher summits. Initially, Yadav had no plans of joining cricket and confined his sports activities to the tennis ball tournaments only but as the time went, he became more familiar with the sport until one day a friend asked him to try-out the regular Cricket ball matches. He made his first debut for the Indian national team at the age of 22. Apart from that, he is a well-known player in the Indian Premier League.

Umesh Yadav:

Ravindra Jadeja:

Before Ravindra could become anything, he was the son of a security guard. The family income did not suffice for the sports activities of Jadeja, but his mother continued to support him. After his mother passed away in 2005, the player went through a troubled time. This time the responsibility fell on the shoulders of his sister and father who provided him monetary as well as emotional support. This inspired Ravendra to go on with his cricket and when he was selected as the Vice-Captain of the U-19 team for the 2008 World Cup, the team secured its victory. Within no time his popularity among the sports world grew and after he managed to win his spot in the Indian national team, Jadeja became an inspiration for millions across India.

Irfan Pathan:
Apart from his charming personality, Pathan is known for his swing bowling. His bowling skills have many times helped the team climb up to victory. Pathan’s family had to live in a mosque as the family wasn’t able to afford its residence. The family struggled to make the ends meet and Irfan had to buy second-hand shoes from a shop to play his cricket. His father earned a meager salary that hardly covered the expenses of the house let alone live comfortably but the conditions changed when Irfan Pathan became part of the Indian team in the World T20, 2007 and the Champions Trophy 2013.

Irfan Pathan:

Hardik Pandya:

He has become a name well known these days. Hardik was brought up in Gujrat but had to move from Surat to Vadodra, due to the family’s economic condition. Hardik’s story is an inspirational one where he not only overcame his adversaries but also proved that if you want something, you can surely achieve it. After his father’s health deteriorated, Hardik and his brother had to participate in the local tournaments to secure the needs of the family, sometimes surviving the day on a single helping of noddles.

Kedar Jadav:

The middle-order batsman of the Indian Cricket team has made a name for himself in recent years. Hailing from Maharashtra and son of a clerk in Maharashtra State Electricity Board, Jadav dropped out of school in the ninth grade. Making his way through the first-class cricket and Indian Premier League, Kedar finally wore the Indian Jersey. He has scored 565 runs in 25 ODIs, the highest score of 120  and has also picked up 11 wickets.


India is a land of cricket and sport not only takes the Indian market by storm but also triggers overwhelming emotions among its public. With such a huge home audience, the Indian Cricket team is full of inspirational stories where people have made it from rags to riches but certainly, some players have achieved irreplaceable feats.


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