The Top Women Cricketers In India

The Top Women Cricketers In India

Women’s cricket is gaining a lot of momentum in the country right now, and efforts are being made to bring as much mainstream attention to women’s cricket as men’s cricket. That being said, here are some of the best players from the Indian cricket team over the years.

Mithali Raj

Mithali Raj is widely considered the best batter among women ever. With over 8000 International runs and still running, Mithali is a batting maestro from India. Right from her debut in 1999 scoring an extraordinary century, Mithali hasn’t left any stone unturned in her attempts to greatness, inspiring an entire generation of women with her batting heroics. Just when she was 19, Mithali broke the then world record in her third Test match by scoring 214 runs against England. Mithali captained the group to the World Cup Final in 2005 and played a vital role in achieving the Finals once more in 2017. She was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award in 2003.

Shikha Pandey

Shikha Pandey was an engineer before she began playing cricket genuinely. Living in Goa growing up, Pandey used to play cricket with young men in her state and longed to play for India one day. As it may, in her second year of engineering, Pandey began playing at the Goa Cricket Association. Before finishing her degree, she jumped into the world of cricket. Turning into a cricketer did not mean that Pandey was abandoning her plans of joining the Indian Air Force. Hence, the 28-year-old currently handles two professions: one as a fast-pace bowler for the Indian cricket team and the other as an air traffic controller for the IAF. She is a real inspiration for the future generation of women.

Veda Krishnamurthy

When the Indian Women’s cricket led by Mithali Raj lost in the finals in 2012 to Australia, it kindled a fire in Veda Krishnamurthy despite the loss. She was really inspired by Mithali Raj’s performance and wanted to meet her, which she eventually got to at the age of 15. She is currently a middle-order batter in the Indian team and is a proficient fielder. She also holds a double black belt in karate.

Anjum Chopra

One of the incredible women in cricket, Anjum Chopra in full swing can remind one of the great David Gower. There is a trace of apathetic class about her as she stands at the crease, and is solid on both the sides of the wicket. She can assist the team with a large portion of her scoring, just like previous New Zealand wicket-manager Adam Parore. Once settled in, Anjum Chopra is simply unstoppable. She is also an incredible fielder, often positioned near the wicket and at the slips. She most commonly opens the innings and has driven the team to victory a couple of times. Anjum was a part of the third straight Asia Cup winning effort and in 2006, was presented with the Arjuna award.

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